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Its that time of the year: Burning Man

Attending Burning Man can mean a lot of things to different people. It is such a unique event, with so many different experiences to engage in, that no two people have the same experience unless they are joined at the hip.

This year, it will be Burn #5 for me. They say that the first time at Burn#1 is always the most memorable. Yes, but the Playa is so huge and diverse that it takes several "Burns" to get a better sense of the experience.

For me, Burning Man has been a tremendous opportunity to get exposure/experience to DJ-ing and meeting artists in the same arena. Since it is open desert, the canvas is a unique acoustic envelop of uniquely reverberating sounds based on the art car or sound camp system. It is a venue category of its own.

Every year, I go and I learn exponentially from the gigs but also from dancing at the venues, where DJs are under less industry performance stress, and it's more about the music.

I will update this post with more adventure stories soon, I have to pack! <3

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